Mission Impossible?

Are we on a mission impossible? We don't think so! First of all, thank you for visiting our Shop. We're a young start up from the US and have a common goal. Reduce Plastic and help the Environment. We all have seen the pictures, numbers and Stats on Plastic Pollution. Sea Turtles with plastic straws in their nose and huge Islands of Trash out on our Oceans. Always keep in mind, that no one is perfect. That's not at all what all this is about. It's about taking small steps at a time, with every purchase we do, to reduce single-use plastic and help the Environment. Our goal is to offer high quality sustainable Products that everyone can afford, especially as you can reuse everything and save much more Money compared to constant consumption of the single use Plastic Versions.  Oh, and we ship carbonfree, of course. So help us, spread the word and join forces. We greatly appreciate your support and hope you're satisfied with your Product. Otherwise, please let us know as we constantly thrive to improve and adapting our Product Range.

Stay Green,

Kathi and Simon